Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions about using the Sococo APIs.

What should I include when reporting a problem?

If possible, problems reported with the streaming API should include all the following:

  • Request URL (/api/v1/login or /api/v1/bayeux) and HTTP cookies received and/or sent.
  • HTTP response code.
  • HTTP response body.
  • Your external IP address as visible to our servers, obtained via (request this from the machine that is running your API client code)

Getting a 404 status code during /login

Be sure to use https:// Also, to ensure you are using the correct URL, you can attempt a GET request on /test

Getting a 405 status code during /login

Be sure to POST to the endpoint (instead of GET or PUT) during authentication

Getting a 400 status code during /login

POST body must be JSON, and required fields include the room and token

Getting a 401 status code during /login

Several items to check - response will include a message field with the details

  • Is the room code still valid? Right click in your thick client in the room you are attempting to join with your bot and verify this room code matches yours. This code only expires if you or an administrator of your space expires room codes.
  • Is the API token still valid? Login to the console using the bot's account and verify the API token matches yours. This only expires if someone with access to this account expires the API token.

Getting a 412 status code during /bayeux

One or both of the required cookies are missing from your HTTP headers.

Getting a 400 status code during /bayeux

You may be sending the cookies back altered or in a non-RFC-compliant format. The cookie values returned from /login must not be altered and must be sent back in compliance with RFC 6265.

For example, in the response from /login you will receive set-cookie headers similar to the following:

Set-Cookie: API-Cookie=!fdLbEYZzxb+QuB1sJWKU4R1agn+aZHgdHvrO5r8mJZhiyzavktk6v6plHlX/w09CTIxaVpXdDKz5I11K2nMfwwV6R0EO7T5BEeKCsjtHdaAQdj9X1ggLFbEOaIY/Nl8GU8Amvu3pyhrpvkVSciKhcVaHoEbBlZ3rWpf7NAdlohuMb6RQdRdeiVr1t0YQwM4cWWw8XNr+YguGkCReVuXnaJM+xx1vx6iikfVnlYKgdIcvUrjj0eZwjRr8c61xTJr2cpvIDZrNvtrGhEkbjkgEK08O/dunyJK/X8Ug==; Version=1
Set-Cookie:API-Route=!w0fZLIbep/i6GB1sJWKU4R1agn+XdspD1Dw3sI1CCmVt7VioPyWOevFjeEDFYIeRk+oCw=; Version=1

Your subsequent request to /bayeux should contain the following cookie header:

Cookie: API-Cookie=!fdLbEYZzxb+QuB1sJWKU4R1agn+aZHgdHvrO5r8mJZhiyzavktk6v6plHlX/w09CTIxaVpXdDKz5I11K2nMfwwV6R0EO7T5BEeKCsjtHdaAQdj9X1ggLFbEOaIY/Nl8GU8Amvu3pyhrpvkVSciKhcVaHoEbBlZ3rWpf7NAdlohuMb6RQdRdeiVr1t0YQwM4cWWw8XNr+YguGkCReVuXnaJM+xx1vx6iikfVnlYKgdIcvUrjj0eZwjRr8c61xTJr2cpvIDZrNvtrGhEkbjkgEK08O/dunyJK/X8Ug==;API-Route=!w0fZLIbep/i6GB1sJWKU4R1agn+XdspD1Dw3sI1CCmVt7VioPyWOevFjeEDFYIeRk+oCw=

You must not return cookie attributes such as 'Expires', 'Version' etc. and you must not perform any encoding or escaping of the cookie value.

Getting a 503 status code

A couple possibilities

  • This usually means your space is not running yet. Use a Mac or Windows client to start up your space, then login your bot. The bot can then remain logged in.
  • The server may be temporarily busy. Desktop and mobile clients get priority over API clients. Try again in 5 minutes.

Getting 403 when publishing a message on /bayeux

This indicates that your login was expired by our API server, possibly due to a network disconnection of your client. When a network disconnection occurs, many of the bayeux client libraries available will automatically attempt to restore the bayeux stream when it becomes available. If the disconnection is longer than a few seconds your login will be expired and you must re-authenticate.