Hubot adapter

We’ve open sourced our Hubot adapter, which you can find here:

It’s also published to npm (node package manager) under hubot-sococo. You can install the Sococo Hubot adapter by running npm install --save hubot-sococo inside your hubot (created with a --create as necessary). Check out the hubot specific instructions here:

Environment variables for use with Sococo’s Hubot adapter:

Environment Variable What is this?
HUBOT_SOCOCO_SERVER This should always be
HUBOT_SOCOCO_ROOMCODE This code represents the room you’d like to authenticate into. You can find this code by right clicking on any room in Sococo and clicking “Copy Room Link” or clicking on “Edit Room”

Example Copied Link:

Example Room Code from Link:
HUBOT_SOCOCO_TOKEN This is your API token. See the section “Generating an API Token”